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Western Harmonics solar powered equipment is your best choice when it comes to setting up on or off grid solar and battery powered systems. Our team is proud to introduce our Modular Solar Components product line, based around the concept of modular components that can be intermixed for awesome solutions to off grid solar powered systems...and as well we offer systems that can be integrated the grid for grid tied power systems. Western Harmonics is dedicated to the concept that every product or we sell includes its own power supply so that it powers itself. We are dedicated to offering well-crafted products to the public that meet the tests of durability, ease of use and safety. As a testament to this, we offer a warranty on all of our kits and systems. Should you need to reach a company team member, please feel free to contact us: Products@westernharmonics.com


Experience innovation that works to improve your day-to-day living environment and cuts your electrical costs with top-of-the-line solar cooling equipment manufactured by the specialists of Western Harmonics. We cater to product orders from all over the United States and the world, including the greater southwestern United States, including California, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada and Arizona. Contact us for inquiries on our affordable solar systems today!

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