At Western Harmonics LLC, we specialize in wholesale equipment designed to run on solar. Our company has developed and manufactures practical, efficient, and effective solar-powered cooling equipment suitable for a variety of applications. Our current products range from our plug and play MiniCooler to our PetCooler to our SPCM to solar powered fans and lights and have been used all over the southwest including California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. Western Harmonics presents clients all over the country with fully functional solutions for their absolute convenience.
Stay comfortable during the summer months and put all that sunlight and heat into good use with our range of solar powered cooling equipment specially engineered with plug and play, optimum efficiency, and with solar panels included! Choose from mini PetCoolers that could cool down a dog house to our Harmony stand-alone cooling system that works wonderfully with larger spaces. Our items are all manufactured with high quality parts, designed with sleek and modern features, and available to order at reasonable prices. Enjoy great airflow during daylight hours or opt to use your cooler during overnight run time on rechargeable battery power supply. For whenever and where ever you need them, our solar-powered coolers, fans, and other products have got you covered.

Additionally, our first of a kind SPCM thermo-photovoltaic powersupply combines the power of heat and sunlight for combined cooling and electrical power generation. By incorporating thermoelectric and photovoltaic into one convenient module the SPCM is an excellent choice for PV module array cooling and generating an extra stream of electricity in the process.

We feel that the combined power of Photovoltaics and thermoelectrics in one convient power supply does produce a convient strong charging solution while at the same time creating an additional stream of cooled air to be used for cooling solar panels in high insolation locations. This map courtesy of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) illustrates best the areas where and SPCM is best suited in application:

With new product offerings under development we are reorganizing our manufacturings, sales avenues and expanding our production in a move to wholesale distribution to reduce lead time (order turn around time to ship within 72 hours of recieving the order), and as well to offer a wider variety of products. At this time we have halted sales while we undergo this complete overhaul. Western Harmonics provides sustainable cost efficient quality products that come with our dedication to equipment that powers itself. To do these things we have to raise capital. Currently we offer solar powered cooling equipment at an excellent price point with the MiniCooler, SPCM (non-thermo cooling modules), the PetCooler, and an assortment of solar~battery powered fans and lights. Through our campaign and plan we will be offering more. And for those that have inquired about the PetCooler's availability, we anticipate offerings in January of 2015.

Experience innovation that works to improve your day-to-day living environment and cuts your electrical costs with top-of-the-line solar cooling equipment manufactured by the specialists of Western Harmonics. We cater to product orders from all over the southwest, including California, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada and Arizona. Contact us for inquiries on our affordable solar-powered coolers today!



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